Movable and fire and flames

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After Effects and Trapcode Particular tutorial

Create freely movable, realistic flames in After Effects, which can be walked around in a 3D space, and even react to the wind.

Fire and flames can be created in several ways in After Effects. There are very realistic and very simple methods as well; sometimes a little turbulence and some fractal is enough, and it is done.

However, these fires have a major disadvantage, they are stationary. If the flame needs to move in the scene, the solution is difficult, since flames follow movements in nice arcs, taking into account also the velocity of the movement.

Therefore, in this tutorial we show you a solution where you can easily move the fire and change the force and direction of the wind as well. You can even walk around the fire with a 3D camera, since this method generates the fire in three dimensions for you.

You will need to use two additional plugins for the preparation. One is the RedGiant Trapcode Particular plugin. I think everyone knows this one, since it is quite popular. In case you have not heard of it yet, I strongly recommend it because it’s great stuff.

The other one is the Cycore Vector Blur. This is also an amazingly great plugin, you should get acquainted with it, if you haven’t done so yet.

As we promised in the tutorial, you can read in this easy-to- follow description what and to what values we set in the Trapcode Particular:


  • Particles/sec : 200 (You can set how far the flame is dense. For example, if you want to show how something will light up, increase this value from zero.)
  • Velocity: 120
  • Velocity Random: 100%
  • Velocity Distribution: 5


  • Life [sec]: 0,7
  • Life Random: 50%
  • Particle Type: Cloudlet (You should try this with other settings because you can have interesting effects with it.)
  • Cloudlet Feather: 0
  • Size: 7
  • Size Random: 100%
  • Size over Life: image
  • Opacity: 30
  • Opacity over Life: image


  • Gravity: -1200 (Here you can set how high the flames are.)
  • Physics Time Factor: 1,4 (You know how to set the flame speed, but it also affects the amount of flame.)
  • Air Resistance: 2
  • Spin Amplitude: 100
  • Affect Size: 10
  • Affect Position: 100
  • Scale: 0

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