Paint Alphabet

39 $

Paint Alphabet

Handmade stock alphabet text

Real hand-written, painted letters, numbers and special characters. Ready-to-use font collection which contains the complete English alphabet. Each letter is in a separate file, with transparent background, so you can make spectacular captions really simply and quickly in your videos.

The files are large and of excellent quality, you can even use them for your high-resolution videos. In the package, the letters are uniformly black, but in the After Effects software, or in another video editing program you can simply change their color. With the different display modes (for example overlay, color dodge, screen, etc), you can have really interesting effects.

You can make realistic painted captions, or spectacular motion-graphics videos with the package. Use this product for your playful, funny, colorful videos, or for the captions of your morose, dark mood movie scenes.

Number of pieces: 44
File size: 204 Mb
Resolution: 1400×1400 px
File type: mov (alpha channel transparent)

Check out the product's video or download the sample that contains some footage file in full length and size.

Play Video Download sample

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