Make a zombie – Part 2

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After Effects and Element 3D tutorial

This video is the second part of our zombie mask creating tutorial. Here we will show you how to turn your already existing footage with the mask on into a brutal spectacle with the help of After Effects and Element 3D.

A lot of things can be accomplished with a make up artist’s tools, but it would be very hard to put holes into the actor’s face that show you the inside of his skull. It is not impossible, but very hard to do. Or painfull for the actor….. ūüôā Well, this is where technology can help.

In the video you will see how to track head movements, cut out green coloured parts from the video and replace with anything you want. In this case with a disgusting, skinless skull.

For motion tracking we used the Camera Tracker of After Effects and a little Mocha tool again. These are included in After Effects by default. It is a good idea to get aquainted with it, as it is simple to use, precise and quick.

You can also see in the video how to make eyes look more evil and add extra bleeding to the character, to increase scariness. These are pretty good effects on their own as well.

Here is the Make a zombie tutorial – Part 1 with masking solutions.
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