Lightning between fingers

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After Effects tutorial

This video will show you how to place lightning between your fingers. I’m sure you had one of those mornings where you were siping your coffe while musing how great it would be if you could conjure up lightning to zig-zag between your fingertips. Well, this video will help you do just that.

The most important part of this trick is tracking the fingers and setting the intensity of the lightning. This is a very simple but spectacularly looking special effect. It’s very important to use the right materials and settings to make the effect really work. Make sure the markers are not covered my anything and the set the light intensity to make sure that the glowing lightning bolts look good.

As the tutorial shows, there is no need for 3rd party plug-ins. After Effects can do everything on its own. Furthermore this effect can be used for lots of different scenes as well. You can stretch the lightning bolts between your two hands or use some sick moves to shower lightning onto the surprised head of Lord Vader.

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