Ink Alphabet

39 $

Ink Alphabet

Animated stock footage text

Ink letters recorded with handwriting that have spectacular splashes. Very pleasant, detailed and wonderfully appearing characters. In addition to the letters of the English alphabet, the product package includes numbers and characters. You get the videos maximally prepared, ready to immediate use.

These are transparent videos without background, so you can put them on any kind of background you choose. You can make spectacular captions by using the letters alone, but if you put them on an old sheet of paper, into a book, on a map, on the wall or on a board, you get a magical final result.

Choose this product for making the scenes of your fantasy movies, for making captions of motion graphics videos, or even for preparing titles for you horror scenes. The fonts alone are very spectacular but in your video, it will look especially great as your captions appear as handwriting.

Number of pieces: 44
File size: 1,9 Gb
Resolution: 1400×1400 px
File type: mov (alpha channel transparent)

Check out the product's video or download the sample that contains some footage file in full length and size.

Play Video Download sample

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