Falling 3D block letters

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Falling 3D block letters

Animated 3D text

Altogether 165 animated 3D characters, in three styles. Letters with the texture of concrete, metal and plastic, and with 3D and shadow effect, that you can easily use in your video clips. There is no need for further special effects plugins for using the product.

All three styles contain the letters of the full English alphabet, the numbers, punctuation marks, and such special characters as the ampersand, asterisk, hyphen and others.

The characters have a translucent background, and they are ready for use in the package. Every character is in an separate file.

The video clips are very high definition, so you can make your text even as large as 4k. The aspect ratio is high, so you can use cascading letters even if you use them in small size in your video clips.

The colour of the plastic type is red in the product, but using the HUE slide you can change the color to anything you want. This does not affect shadowing and 3D effects. The metal and concrete types can also be modified at will.

Number of pieces: 165
File size: 2.81 Gb
Resolution: 1500×4500 px
File type: mov (alpha channel transparent)

Check out the product's video or download the sample that contains some footage file in full length and size.

Play Video Download sample

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