Demonic message on the wall

Grunge Figure stock footage videos
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After Effects tutorial

In the movies, before the worthwhile demon would appear, it writes strange signs on the wall. We don’t know why the demon does this, how it gets paint, and why it does not go after demon girls at all in a demon disco in another dimension.

It is sure that it has a motivating force as the poor man watching it would rather be in a four-hour, boring potato peeling competition.

So, it really has an impressive effect, even though that miserable demon only writes motivating messages in demonic language. Thus, we have also made a video like this. Scary stains in a scene recorded with moving a camera, for which we have used our GRUNGE FIGURE product as base.

The film trick is pretty simple if you already know it, and you don’t need any third party plugin. This way you can also make captions, film titles, foot prints on the floor or text inscription for commercials… However, I can image what would a company sell that uses such scary captions. 🙂

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    Please provide project file for us please

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