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After Effects and Element 3D tutorial

An impressive way to show titles and subtitles in your video, it is used in many films, trailers and games.

You may have seen a modified version of it at the beginning of many films and trailers including 2012, Warcraft, R.I.P.D. and Seventh Son.

It is an epic and spectacular method, but with the help of After Effects and Element 3D you’ll be able to create epic text intro like this, as shown in the tutorial video.

The effect involves spinning the letters of the 3D text and the camera slowly moving away from the subtitle. Using lights is a pivotal element as well. This method is very easy to combine with other methods. If you work with other font types and colours, you can come up with amazing results. Plus, moving the letters and the camera allows you to find creative ways to make your own intro video.

Here is the link to our free real night sky texture:

Download Real Stars Texture

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