3D clouds from photo

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After Effects tutorial

It is relatively easy to make 3D layers and 3D effect space in After Effects if it is made of walls, a room or other layer that can be separated. However, in case of the sky, it is difficult to handle separately the individual clouds. Fortunately, there are several solutions for this. In this tutorial, we show you a very simple and spectacular trick.

The Displacement Map effect shifts the colors on the layer, so if, for example, you use it for the clouds, you can have a wonderful, realistic 3D effect. The extent to which the image can be shifted is a bit tight but if you have a good base, you can make a superb scene with it.

Furthermore, you can use this solution not only for clouds, but it is worth trying it with your other photos, you can use it surprisingly well. The extra big and excellent quality cloud texture shown in the video can be downloaded from here:

Download High Quality Paper Texture

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